Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Importance of Business intelligence news

Business intelligence news can be difficult to sift through even for experienced professionals. BI news tends to be heavy on jargon and assume everyone involved keeps every concept straight in their heads all at once. The following are some of the key fields you should pay attention to and the buzzwords that come with them if you're looking into business intelligence on the web without a more specific idea in mind about what you want.

First, always look for the Cloud. The Cloud is a new technique of data storage and management that has been enabled by the ubiquity of high-volume internet connections. Because bandwidth and storage are so cheap, servers aren't just for static data anymore. Entire software suites can now be accessed remotely via the Cloud, and access to them is now being sold on a service basis. 

This changes a lot of the landscape in the tech industry. People have mixed feelings about the Cloud. Many fear the centralization of data and function can lead to exploitation by those that have more direct access to the Cloud. Security concerns are raised frequently as well, as many Cloud applications don't have security consultations backing them up. Many consider privacy an acceptable cost for efficiency, but many do not.

"Semantics" is a term that is being thrown around quite often, lately. In common parlance the term refers to how something is said. This holds true on the web, but it most commonly refers to the techniques associated with search engines.

 In this case, it is referring to the semantics with which a computer interprets language. Semantics is always big news because it involves how humans and computers interact on a very direct basis. Leaps in semantics can powerfully and quietly change how the biggest search engines and internal search algorithms within major businesses operate.

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There are many different reasons to stay on top of business intelligence, particularly in the field of technology. There's no downside to staying informed about and appraised of changes to the playing field. Understanding new technologies as their being discussed and coming around the pike can prepare you for their adoption in the coming months or years, giving you an edge on your competitors. 

Don't be afraid to venture into territory you don't immediately understand. The very best way to pick up the jargon is to dive in and read it for you in context.

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